Active magnetic levitation

LocoLoop's disruptive levitation system is based on a combination of modular electromagnetic units onboard. Controlled by advanced algorithms, these enable the vehicle to levitate at speeds up to 1,000km/h with extreme precision and minimum resistance.

Electric aerodynamic propulsion

LocoLoop's novel aerodynamic propulsion system is included in the vehicle and driven by a fully electric powertrain. Inspired by aviation and with the advantages of the controlled tube environment, this key technology minimizes the need of linear motors along the track, reducing the cost of infrastructure.

Electromagnetic launcher

LocoLoop's highly efficient linear motor is located only in a small fraction of the track to accelerate the vehicle to cruise speed. This state-of-the-art system maximizes Zeleros’ vehicle range reducing the onboard storage weight only where its needed and can also be used as a generator during braking.

Autonomous control system

LocoLoop's hyperloop vehicles will run autonomously throughout the tube infrastructure network. Their onboard control and communications system will enable the highest degree of safety and reliability during operation.